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import 'colors';
import fs from 'fs-extra';
import path from 'path';
import { hostArch } from 'electron-packager/targets';

import asyncOra from '../util/ora-handler';
import getForgeConfig from '../util/forge-config';
import runHook from '../util/hook';
import { info, warn } from '../util/messages';
import parseArchs from '../util/parse-archs';
import readPackageJSON from '../util/read-package-json';
import { requireSearchRaw } from '../util/require-search';
import resolveDir from '../util/resolve-dir';

import packager from './package';

 * @typedef {Object} MakeOptions
 * @property {string} [dir=process.cwd()] The path to the app from which distributables are generated
 * @property {boolean} [interactive=false] Whether to use sensible defaults or prompt the user visually
 * @property {boolean} [skipPackage=false] Whether to skip the pre-make packaging step
 * @property {Array<string>} [overrideTargets] An array of make targets to override your forge config
 * @property {string} [arch=host architecture] The target architecture
 * @property {string} [platform=process.platform] The target platform.
 * @property {string} [outDir=`${dir}/out`] The path to the directory containing generated distributables

 * @typedef {Object} MakeResult
 * @property {Array<string>} artifacts An array of paths to artifacts generated for this make run
 * @property {Object} packageJSON The state of the package.json file when the make happened
 * @property {string} platform The platform this make run was for
 * @property {string} arch The arch this make run was for

 * Make distributables for an Electron application.
 * @param {MakeOptions} providedOptions - Options for the make method
 * @return {Promise<Array<MakeResult>>} Will resolve when the make process is complete
export default async (providedOptions = {}) => {
  // eslint-disable-next-line prefer-const, no-unused-vars
  let { dir, interactive, skipPackage, overrideTargets, arch, platform } = Object.assign({
    dir: process.cwd(),
    interactive: false,
    skipPackage: false,
    arch: hostArch(),
    platform: process.platform,
  }, providedOptions);

  const outDir = providedOptions.outDir || path.resolve(dir, 'out');
  asyncOra.interactive = interactive;

  let forgeConfig;
  await asyncOra('Resolving Forge Config', async () => {
    dir = await resolveDir(dir);
    if (!dir) {
      throw 'Failed to locate makeable Electron application';

    forgeConfig = await getForgeConfig(dir);

  const actualTargetPlatform = platform;
  platform = platform === 'mas' ? 'darwin' : platform;
  if (!['darwin', 'win32', 'linux', 'mas'].includes(actualTargetPlatform)) {
    throw new Error(`'${actualTargetPlatform}' is an invalid platform. Choices are 'darwin', 'mas', 'win32' or 'linux'`);

  const makers = {};
  const targets = overrideTargets || forgeConfig.make_targets[platform];

  for (const target of targets) {
    const maker = requireSearchRaw(__dirname, [
      path.resolve(dir, target),
      path.resolve(dir, 'node_modules', target),

    if (!maker) {
      throw new Error([
        'Could not find a build target with the name: ',
        `${target} for the platform: ${actualTargetPlatform}`,

    if (!maker.isSupportedOnCurrentPlatform) {
      throw new Error([
        `Maker for target ${target} is incompatible with this version of `,
        'electron-forge, please upgrade or contact the maintainer ',
        '(needs to implement \'isSupportedOnCurrentPlatform)\')',

    if (!await maker.isSupportedOnCurrentPlatform()) {
      throw new Error([
        `Cannot build for ${platform} target ${target}: the maker declared `,
        `that it cannot run on ${process.platform}`,

    makers[target] = maker.default || maker;

  if (!skipPackage) {
    info(interactive, 'We need to package your application before we can make it'.green);
    await packager({
      platform: actualTargetPlatform,
  } else {
    warn(interactive, 'WARNING: Skipping the packaging step, this could result in an out of date build'.red);

  info(interactive, 'Making for the following targets:', `${targets.join(', ')}`.cyan);

  const packageJSON = await readPackageJSON(dir);
  const appName = forgeConfig.electronPackagerConfig.name || packageJSON.productName || packageJSON.name;
  let outputs = [];

  await runHook(forgeConfig, 'preMake');

  for (const targetArch of parseArchs(platform, arch, packageJSON.devDependencies['electron-prebuilt-compile'])) {
    const packageDir = path.resolve(outDir, `${appName}-${actualTargetPlatform}-${targetArch}`);
    if (!(await fs.pathExists(packageDir))) {
      throw new Error(`Couldn't find packaged app at: ${packageDir}`);

    for (const target of targets) {
      const maker = makers[target];

      // eslint-disable-next-line no-loop-func
      await asyncOra(`Making for target: ${target.cyan} - On platform: ${actualTargetPlatform.cyan} - For arch: ${targetArch.cyan}`, async () => {
        try {
          const artifacts = await maker({
            dir: packageDir,
            targetPlatform: actualTargetPlatform,

            platform: actualTargetPlatform,
            arch: targetArch,
        } catch (err) {
          if (err) {
            throw {
              message: `An error occured while making for target: ${target}`,
              stack: `${err.message}\n${err.stack}`,
          } else {
            throw new Error(`An unknown error occured while making for target: ${target}`);

  const result = await runHook(forgeConfig, 'postMake', outputs);
  // If the postMake hooks modifies the locations / names of the outputs it must return
  // the new locations so that the publish step knows where to look
  if (Array.isArray(result)) {
    outputs = result;

  return outputs;